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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Appeal to help kids help kids

Dear Friends, I am pleased to share that my son Rajeev Bagga and his team recently won the global business plan competition of the TyE - TiE young entrepreneurs program which was sponsored in part by New World Natural Foods. The kids mentored by Rattan Bagga and Amit Sandhu have donated 1/5th of their win ($5000) to BC Children's Hospital in hopes that their friends like you will triple the amount and raise the donation amount to $15000. Can you please help their cause and make a donation to BC Children's Hospital by clicking the link below and by spreading this message by sharing it on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc. so that the kids can reach the goal of $15000 in donation in a record short time. Thank you for your help and generosity. Rajinder Bagga New World Natural Foods Inc. We invite you to visit us at EPIC SUSTAINABLE LIVING EXPO May 11-13, 2012 at Vancouver Convention Centre

Monday, August 8, 2011

50 Cents donation per pack of Bliss Balls for Horn Of Africa Drought Relief- Red Cross

For Immediate Release

August 8, 2011
To support the people suffering from Horn of Africa Drought , A donation of $0.50 per pack of New World Bliss Balls sold in September will be made to the Canadian Red Cross.
Rattan Bagga CEO of New World Natural Foods made this promise to the Canadian Red Cross. The participating stores are encouraged to put a poster on their window to raise awareness in the consumers who simply have to let their choice of snack support a worthy cause. Bagga said, " If this campaign is successful it may be extended "

New World Natural Foods Gluten Free Bliss Balls are fruit nut chocolate confections locally manufactured in Burnaby BC Canada . In Canada they are distributed by Jiva Organics Mfg. & Dist. Inc and are available in Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Nature Fare and many independent food and health stores.
For more information email
New World Natural Foods

Thanks and best regards,
Rajinder Bagga

New World Natural Foods Inc.
7442 Fraser park Drive
Burnaby BC Canada V5J 5B9
We invite you to visit us at the upcoming events.
CHFA Expo East Metro Convention Center Toronto, Oct 15-16, 2011 Booth 735

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bliss Balls and live bars are now gluten free

( June 19, 2011 --

The live bars and Bliss Balls with the New World Natural Foods logo do not have any gluten containing ingredients. The regular lab tests done of the finished products have confirmed that the products contain less than 10 parts per million levels of gluten. ( the Canadian regulations is less than 20 ppm). These confections are made with nuts and dried fruits ingredients typically free of gluten. Therefore Bliss Balls and Live Bars are gluten free. The new packaging will have the gluten free logo.

Bliss Balls and Live Bars are available nationwide at Planet Organic stores and selected Whole Foods.For information on stores in your area please email

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A bag of granola can go a long way

A Bag Of Granola Can Go A Long Way
New world Natural Foods  donated 50 cents per bag of New world organic granola and muesli sold during September 2010 amounting to $4000.00 to Red Cross for the Pakistan Flood relief.  Rattan Bagga CEO of New World Natural Foods presented the cheque to Canadian Red Cross on November 16th, 2010. The company donated $3600 to Haiti Earthquake relief from last such campaign in February 2010.
New World Natural Foods is a Canadian Family Business located in Burnaby BC.      

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Support people of Pakistan through purchase of New World Granola

Sunday, Sep 1, 2010
To support the people of Pakistan in their time of need, A donation of $0.50 per bag of New World Organic Granola sold until Sep. 30 2010 will be made to the Canadian Red Cross - Pakistan Flood Relief
Participating stores are encouraged to put a poster on their window to raise awareness in the consumers who simply have to be conscious of what brand of cereal to choose if they want to send a donation to Pakistan. Please tell your friend as the more people know the more the donation we can make.
Fifty cents a bag can add up to be a sizable amount. The inspiration for this fund- raising came from the thousands of individuals and businesses in Canada and the world who are donating and volunteering for this cause. Compared to their sacrifices our contribution may be minuscule but it may serve greatly to raise the awareness around.
At present Pakistan is where donations are needed the most. We believe this form of donation is the easiest for us to do as a company. It is also easy for retailers to participate in, as they only have to stock New World Granola in their stores . it is also easier for the individuals as they only have to be conscious of what they have for breakfast and choose the brand that will support the cause they believe in.
If this fund-raising campaign is successful , we may extend it for even longer.

New World Natural Foods Organic Granola is locally manufactured in Burnaby BC Canada since 1993. In Canada it is it is available in London Drugs, IGA, Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Stongs, Sweet Cherubim, Famous Foods and many independent food stores.
For more information
7442 Fraser park drive Burnaby BC Canada

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Six things New World Natural Foods does for the planet

Six things New World Natural Foods does for the planet
  1. Support organic farming
Our organic products are made using only organic ingredients grown by farmers that work to maintain soil nutrients using sustainable farming practices without the use of synthetic fertilizers. New World Natural Foods manufacturing facility is certified organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International).Our organic certification represents the acknowledgement that we have a custodial obligation to protect our environment and ensure a healthy and delicious food product.

  1. Produce and promote vegan and vegetarian foods
In promoting a healthy life style and due to the concerns for our planet, all New World products are vegetarian and a majority is Vegan.  This means our food production processing facilities omit the use of all animal products, with the exception of honey.
This reduces the use of fossil fuels, green house gases, water, water pollution and deforestation.

  1. Find sustainable packaging alternatives
Due to concerns for the environment and quality, At New World we strive to source the ingredients as locally as possible. New World products are packaged in recyclable glass and plastic while keeping the product to package ratio high. This not only reduces our carbon foot print but also keeps our foods fresh, healthy and enjoyable. New World confections are packaged in a biodegradable natural container made from corn.
  1. Offer our products in bulk sizes.
At New World natural Foods we offer granola the breakfast cereal in economical 2lb size and the nut butters in 1 kg size. This makes our product to package ratio very high. The fact that it is made in Canada reduces transportation costs, use of fossil fuels and thus helps reduce the carbon foot print. It is transported in 100% recyclable card board cases. Buying larger sizes means fewer trips to the store and this simple choice can make a big difference to the amount of garbage ending in the landfills.

  1. Follow environmentally sustainable business practices
New World Natural Foods follows environmentally sustainable business practices such as recycling, less packaging, waste elimination, use of sky lights to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency.

  1. Support global charitable initiatives
New World Natural Foods supports local and global communities. In 2010 we donated 50 cents per bag of   New World granola and muesli sold during January 15- February 28 2010 amounting to $3600.00 to Red Cross for the Haiti Earthquake relief